Make doing the laundry less of a chore with the ATD HY10A2TKEX condenser tumble dryer from Hoover. It has a fantastic 10kg drum capacity which is perfect for large households. This fantastic model uses the innovative and clever heat pump technology which works by recycling hot air inside of the drum, which uses less energy, saving you money in your pocket and helping out the environment. 

Heat pump tumble dryers are very efficient and, but to save the most energy, programmes may take a little bit longer to dry your clothes than on other standard dryers. It’s important not to overload the drum with clothes so that the machine can perform at their best. 





The AquaVision feature is a unique and patented water reservoir which is built directly into the tumble dryer door. The ergonomically designed AquaVision reservoir feature makes it extremely easy to see when the water needs emptying and has a convenient handle which makes it easy to remove for carrying and emptying. 




The innovative AXI tumble dryer now understands your voice as well as your laundry habits to deliver a personalised experience at home. Ask your machine the best way to dry a particular piece of clothing, how to reduce your ironing load or how to save time on your washing and AXI will have all of the answers you are looking for. It is very spacious and silent thanks to its new special drum. This appliance can be connected to Wi-Fi allowing you to control and manage all of the AXI functions via the Hoover Wizard App, using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 


Hoover Wizard App


Hoover is proud to present Wizard, the connectivity system which allows you to interact with your home appliances around the clock, allowing you to keep tabs on them and add innovative functions which will perfectly suit your needs. You will now always be able to stay in tune with your home from wherever you are. 

The app allows you to set and save all of your favourite cycles, timings and other settings so that you will be able to start them with the click of a button. You will also be able to download new cycles to keep up with your ever-changing needs. Keep performances outstanding even over time. A special cycle tests the appliance life parameters and gives practical hints for keeping it in peak condition. The Hoover Talks function allows you to control your AXI tumble dryer using your voice through the app, allowing you to do everything with ease. 


Innovative Features & Stylish Design




The ATD HY10A2TKEX condenser tumble dryer from Hoover includes a Sensor Drying function which monitors the drying performance using sensors to prevent overheating and over-drying. There are 16 programmes available which mean you have plenty of options to make sure that every piece of clothing will be dried to perfection. One of these programmes is a Time Delay which gives you the freedom to get on with your day knowing that your clothes will be dry for a time that suits you. 


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