Keeping on top of the laundry can be tricky. As you and your family live you lives the last thing on your mind is planning in the perfect time to clean your clothing. Combine this with the Great British Weather and clothes can quickly accumulate in your home, leaving you without your favourite garments. 

For some, an underperforming washing machine can also hold back your routine. When it comes to your important items, like your favourite shirts or even school uniforms you can’t afford to be let down. If you’re looking to upgrade your current washing machine then the latest Hoover range is ideal. 

If you have a larger family then the 10kg capacity of the DWOAD610AHC8G from Hoover is perfect for you. Equipped to wash the equivalent of up to 50 t-shirts, this is an ideal way to upgrade your laundry routine and save you time, money whilst still enhancing performances. 

Hoover DWOAD610AHC8G Washing Machine

Intelligent Technology With Wizard

This Hoover washing machine is intelligent in more ways than one and is so advanced it even has Wi-Fi connectivity. By downloading the Hoover Wizard app you can monitor and control your laundry cycle in a range of ways. Available on both iOS and Android, in just a few taps you can start, tweak and check in on how long a cycle has left. Hoover Wizard even incorporates Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service which allows you to automatically order detergents and softener when your supplies are low. 

Wash cycles are even adapted after they start. Using KG Mode a few minutes into your programme the Hoover weighs your laundry and helps by adapting the water, energy consumption and time of cycle with a scientific precision. 

The clever features don’t stop there, with Hoover’s exclusive Care Dose system. Created to automatically adds the perfect level of detergent and softener for your cycle and water hardness. Increasing the life span in your detergent and reducing the need to add before every load. This gives up to 21 cycles worth of perfectly dosed cleaning agent. 


Versatile Wash Programmes For Any Occasion 

The DWOAD610AHC8G doesn’t only help reduce the amount of detergent you use, it also comes packed with various cycles tailored to whatever clothing you may have. Chief among these is Hoover’s All In One technology. A great time-saver, it allows you to combine multiple fabric types and even coloured and white clothing all in one cycle. This means you can run cycles without waiting for your whites to build up for a full load. 

Power consumption on this model is just as impressive as the innovative wash cycles. Classed at the top A+++ it is up to 20% more efficient than an A energy rate washing machine.  By using the latest inverter motor technology even running noise is reduced to among the lowest you will find on any washing machine. 


Getting the best washing machine for your home is often challenging, even once you have picked your Hoover product you still require great customer service and delivery options in Nationwide. At Sirius Buying Group you can get the Hoover DWOAD610AHC8G Washing Machine with great service and a guaranteed excellent price, browse our Hoover Washing Machines in Nationwide for more information.